Themakersun Studio is an online based business, operating from Henderson, Auckland.  

We pride ourselves on friendly, fun, personalise and down-to-earth customer service and create quality products. Providing laser cutting, engraving with range of materials as well as a full graphic design service to create a wide range of personal and business items, with shipping NZ wide. We are adding new items to our online store regularly. And showcase on our social media pages. If you don't see what you are after, please Contact us and we will be happy to help.

Laser cutting can cut, engrave/raster and line etch on a range of materials. It has been used across multiple discipline such as architecture, graphic design, product, fashion. It will allow your ideas into reality and creating fun projects for your own. Big jobs or small, we would love to collaborate and assist with design to create something unique for you.

More information on laser cut please see FAQ





✓ Timber (Pine, Birch,Bamboo)
✓ Cardstock (paper, cards) 
✓ acrylic / perspex (Coloured, tinted)
✓ genuine leather
✓ natural / silicone rubber
✓ cork
✓ Textile (cotton/linen/denim)
✓ felt 




Our laser cut bed is 800m*450mm max. file/material exceed this size can't not be cut. 

File color setting: RGB, with 0.01pt line weight (illustrator) 

Color correspondence: RGB Red line (255,0,0) = Cut, RGB blue lines (0,0,255) = Marking, blue (Solid) (0,0,255)= Engrave



The cost of services depend largely on the material been used (thickness) and complexity of design. The price charged per minute rate with a initial set up fee. The labour cost depends on the project specification which we can provide free non-obligation quotes. 

Simply let us know below details so we can quote your job up for further discussion: 

  1. Description of your project
  2. Sketch/ inspirational photos/picture with estimated dimension 
  3. Files for laser cutting as specified above or we can make the file for you
  4. Targeted timeframe 

We will respond with quotes and confirmation to schedule in your order.  You will be notify again when order is ready for collection/delivery. 


Got a question that's not covered here, leave us a message and we'll get back to you shortly